zondag 8 juni 2014

Greek Summer Food: GEMISTÁ

Wash these vegetables properly
Don't forget the big tomatoes. Take one of these extra
Take some fresh mint from your garden
Chop it togther with the garlic
With a spoon you take out the inside of the
 vergetables (not the potatoes).
Chop everything, including the extra tomatoe,
in small pieces.
Add oregan, salt, pepper, mint and garlic.
Add uncooked rice and ofcourse
 Afroditi Prasino Olive oil.
Mix ingredients thorougly
Fill the vegetables with this mixture. Order nicely in a baking dish and add oregan, salt, pepper, olive oil en half a cup of water
After 1,5 - 2 hours in the 150 degrees oven your
 dish is ready and tasty. 
Pour a little bit of the sauce over te vegetables
For even more tast and decoration you can add Mizitra
You will have a very nice and healthy meal on your plate
Accompanied with Feta cheese, Afroditi Kalamata Olives and some bread

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